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Pregnant Feeling Alone

We keep everything in strict confidence, regardless of your age

When you first miss your period, the first thought is that you just don't even want to think you might be pregnant.

Off you run to the pharmacy and buy a test, hoping it will come out negative. The store-bought test reads positive!

  Many thoughts run through your mind:

  • I'm just not ready for a baby
  • I don't have time to raise a baby
  • I could lose my job taking time from work
  • I'm too young -- I'm still in school
  • My parents are going to hit the roof
  • My boyfriend will not stick with me if I have a kid
  • I can’t afford all the things a baby would need
  • I can hardly take care of the kids I already have
  • And so many more worries...

We're Here To Help You

First of all, we need to establish if, in fact, you really are pregnant. Often times we have found that the results gotten from some of the home pregnancy tests were not correct.


Call our office today and make an appointment for a free pregnancy test, and we'll help you. You'll then know if you really are pregnant or not. Our tests are excellent and cannot be bought in the stores.


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BIRTHLINE provides free pregnancy tests & counseling service with love, understanding, and compassion.

No judgements are made. No strings are attached. Everything is kept in strictest confidence.


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